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:Name: Robyn
:Nicknames: Em
:Alias: Em
:Gender: Female
:Birthdate: 2/2/
:Location: Cartersville; Georgia
:Grade: 8th
:Hair: brown,shoulder length
:Eyes: blue
:Sports: None
:Talents: coloring
:Clubs: None
:Style: reading, most music, likes shiny stuff
:Family: three sisters and one brother

Heh,it's been ages since i've been on here any way All that crap in my last journal entry was well made up to get my sister off my site.

Yes!I've done it! I have officially passed the seventh grade and moved onto the eighth grade i'm so proud of myself!Well at first I did'nt think i had passed,but then came along my final report card and there it was in plain black and white,PROMOTED.WHOOP!GO ME,GO ME,IT'S MY BIRTHDAY,IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!Ahem,yes,well anyways other news for me is that i don't have to go to Alabama after all.I also talked to my lowly dad whom i've not talked to for a few years.I ran across one of the cards he'd sent me a while back with his number and adress.At first i wasn't sure if the information was correct but I called and it was.So now I know where he lives and works.I might try to build a new relationship with him if he is willing.Also my step sister and cousin have come for a visit which is cool because we all are close to the same age and are interested in some of the same things,we do have fun together, but at times we want to rip each others heads off.Some times Ijust feel happy and content with my life and sometimes I hate every body and im mad at the world.could this possibly be a medical problem?I don't know,i'll talk to my mom.Right now there's this very emtional and dramatic soap opera on and I could care less what happens to these people but for some reason I just keep watching.Ahh I just had a strange urge to eat cheese cake and go on an all day shopping spree.I must control my urges.Hey that sounded wrong.Oh well there's just something I must admit to the world,okay here goes,I love cheetos!Now you know.well I have to quit typing or I will get a cramp in my hand so good-bye!^_^

summer blues
Look at what Ana did well it's kinda obvius... well anyway,my summer sux so far,I'm not going anywhere or doing anything this time around, except go to Alabama,but who wants to go there?I don't.Oh well.I'm just glad school is out because I don't like school at all,I mean you don't do anything but write all day long about meaningless stuff that you could care less about.And some stuff you probly don't even use in your later life.But that's okay because I can go to my friends house or use my computer to accompany me. monday,June2,2003

Hi Robyn. Just dropped by. ^__^ I made you a new layout as you can see... hope you like it. It's called "Dewprism". If you want me to change it just let me know. I also uhh...updated your content. Talk to ya later. Bye!

- Zim

okay,ive done it!well some of it anyway.ana helped me but i did do some research of my own,I found this cool place called ere helped me undestan a little more about html.well i dont have much time so bye-bye.^_^

im back!
I haven't been online in a while because i got in trouble so tonight is my first time in a while so whatever.Though i still dont know how to work this stupid computer thingy.Its weird.But my friend is attempting to try to help me fix this all up.But ive already forgotten everything shes told me so far.well i gotta get back to fixing my site.

hey,i really don't know to much about this type of thing because this is my first time ever making a web site,but one of my best friends told me about and how she made Evernights so I visited it,and thought it looked pretty cool so here I am.Well I gotta go design or whatever you do to make your site look good.